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turnval software for production and safety

The turnval software system is a powerful and modular software for the industry, which provides solutions for production and manufacturing with the focus on safety. The value add and the benefit for the user are flexibility and the easy usage of the software – which manages also complex processes within the company. Improvements of efficiency are mainly achieved through savings in time and costs. The system ist highly parameterizable, userfriendly and secures the investment.

Our aspiration …

The original software development started in the nineties – already at that time the goal was to digitalize complex procedures and procecsses and substitute ‘paper’ solutions by digital solutions. Drivers like the market, competition and especially requirements and obligations from public institutions forced the industry to implement software solutions, which are able to handle the customer’s needs. Our solution supports all safety and production processes within the whole company and helps to improve productivity and effektiveness.

Our goal is to implement simple and feasable software for complex tasks in the industry. We use and invest in new technologies and solve problems, which were hardly solved before:

  • from paper (solution) to a consistent software solution für safety management (PtW, ISSOW, LOTO)
  • control of processes and feed back through interactive workflow management
  • simplification of processes and improvements in transparency
  • planning of work, execution and controlling within one system
  • we reduce risk, boost safety and support compliance